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Transitioning from Pap Smears to Cervical Screening

The renewed National Cervical Screening Program

From 1 December 2017, cervical screening will change in Australia. The Pap Smear/ Pap Test will be replaced with a new Cervical Screening Test every five years.

Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable cancers. The new Cervical Screening Test is anticipated to protect up to 30% more women.

The test is a quick and simple procedure to check the health of your cervix. It looks and feels the same as the Pap test, but tests for the human papillomavirus (known as HPV).

Your first Cervical Screening Test is due two years after your last Pap test. After that, you will only need to have the test every five years if your results are normal.Regular cervical screening is your best protection against cervical cancer.

Eligible Age Group: The new age group to be tested will be 25 to 74 year olds. In the past the program covered 18 to 69 year olds.

If you are due for testing, contact your healthcare provider to book an appointment.

For more information about the National Cervical Screening Program call 13 15 56.

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We will be sending out Recalls/ Clinical Reminders via secure SMS instead of letters

Hazelbrook General Practice will be switching to environmentally friendly and secure mobile messages (SMS) instead of letters to communicate health messages to our patients.

You might have already received, or will be receiving these messages on your mobile phones as an SMS.You will need to click on the unique and secure link in the SMS, then verify your last name and DOB to read your recall health message. You will only be able to read the message if you have verified your identity to protect your privacy.

You will need to be connected to the Internet or have data on your phone for the link to work. If your phone is connected to the internet, and you still can’t click on the link to verify yourself, please ring us at (02) 4758 6210

SMART Recalls -How It Works For Patients from HotDoc on Vimeo.

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